A Very Low Cost Deaf Alert Device

Although many of my assistance projects on this blog involve the blind, I’ve been keeping alert to other group’s needs. For example, I’ve spent a lot of time planning a sound/light display for the deaf (and not incidentally, for use when I have my headphones on). Sounds flash lights, and so you can know when there is noise around. Handy for parties, handy for the deaf, handy for me when ‘plugged in’. Anyhoo, I was slowly planning a fancy audio … Continue reading

How To Avoid The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

According to various websites (and at least one I will actually link to) the third Monday of January (also known as Today) is the most depressing day of the year. Although there are many reasons, one of the best (or worst?) I’ve seen is a mathematical formula calculating the date based on several factors: weather, debt, income, time since Christmas, time since last aborted ‘quit’ attempt (oh, those failed New Year resolutions!), and a few other things related to mood … Continue reading

The Really, Really, Really, Beginner’s Guide On How To Solder (Or, What Is A Solder Sucker?)

A local Makerspace question reminded me of an article I had planned to write ‘any day now’ – how to solder. Not because I am a soldering virtuoso eager to impart my vast knowledge – but because I am a real neophyte, and if I can do it, so can you. Although I had soldered for some time (and even somehow justified going from a nice temperature controlled wand soldering iron to a fancy ) I was generally soldering wires … Continue reading

How To REALLY Accomplish Your Goals This Year

I know I’m hurrying things along – it’s smack-dab on January 1st, and I’m already talking about goals. I’m not the first, however; I’m seeing a lot of ads for exercise equipment and Fitbits already. But the fact is: We seem prone to try to ‘start anew’ each year at this time, so why not anticipate it and get started early? In line with that, here’s a quick list of things to encourage you to start something ASAP and continue … Continue reading

Hello World! (Or, How To Transfer + Setup A WordPress Blog for 2016) Part 2

In part 1 we got a site ready to move – now it’s part 2, and the transfer: Snap it all. This time to make things easier, I did screen shots of every page in every section in WordPress admin I had made changes in. In Windows, select the window, use Alt-PrtScn to snap a shot, then select and open Irfanview’s window, and Ctrl-V to paste in it. Then click the Save As button on top to save as a snap. … Continue reading