Apollo Photos – A Glimpse Of a Different Era…

We’ve all seen them – the astronaut beside the lunar lander, the Apollo 8 ‘Christmas’ shot of an earth-rise – but now you can see them in glorious high-rez scans on Flickr. Here’s a direct crop on one photo – click on it to see the full image reduced to 1/4 size (and still huge): Not much else to say except take a look.

Hear Those Ohms: An Audible Multimeter for the Blind (PART 2)

I already posted awhile back about my audible multimeter project for the blind – for those thinking of doing something similar, here’s some more details: The finished device hooked up to meter. On the right side is the power button; on the left is the ‘speak’ button. The front has the Arduino with the Adafruit wave shield on top. At back is the 9v battery. The middle is two pieces of (poorly) carved balsa, which hold everything in place. The … Continue reading

What Is Bitcoin, And What Is (Possibly) Wrong With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is in the news a lot these days. Should we be worried about it? By looking at the basics of how it works, some issues come to light… Continue reading

Free Upgrades, Microsoft ‘Free’ Upgrades, And Windows 10

(With apologies to Samuel Clemens). As part of this week’s goal to move into the 2010s, it was time to listen to the nagging Windows 10 icon and schedule an upgrade from Win7. So I did what I’ve done for every Windows revision: Made a blank partition on my hard drive (in this case, a second hard drive), and began the install. By the way, why is it Windows allows you to create a new logical partition in the visual … Continue reading

Haiku Friday (Or – Oops, Found Myself At The End Of July Without Posting)

Ponderous July / Demands a newsworthy post / Perhaps – a Kitty? Continue reading