So Just What Miles Per Gallon Can a Car Get, Exactly?

Are 100mpg cars possible? Really possible? I found some math that supports it is, but (as expected) with a few caveats… Continue reading

Victoria’s Lunar Eclipse, April 14/15, 2014

Decided I wanted a photo of the Lunar Eclipse in Victoria BC on April 14th (and mostly April 15th). But… Continue reading

Low Cost Gravity Battery

This weekend I was reading MIT Technology Review and an article about the problem with lighting in Kenya – specifically, the cost of lamps to provide light at night. Although the devices were inexpensive (under $10), the cost of kerosene fuel was continuous, as well as the problems with burning petrochemicals in an enclosed space. One solution: Solar powered lanterns. Lower operating cost, at least as long as the battery lasts. Downside is the cost for parts – $23, according … Continue reading

Booyah, NAB – That’s Two Years In A Row!

One of my jobs is programming/developing radio automation software, and for radio, the biggest event of the year is NAB. Last year we won a ‘Cool Stuff’ award for our product; so frankly, I didn’t expect to hear from the guys this year. …But I was wrong. We won the Radio World Best of Show award (which is the Cool Stuff award renamed for 2014). So that’s two in a row! This year’s nominee was our audio logger/recorder, which records … Continue reading

How To Transfer A WordPress Blog: Selectively Importing Posts/Pages

As I’m closing down sites, I find the occasional article that is popular, or that I just like, and can’t let go of. Normally, for one or two, I’d just copy and paste and make a new post, but I had quite a few; plus, I wanted to import everything, including comments. WordPress has an import feature, but it’s all or nothing – so here’s the steps to NOT import all posts, but just a few: From the source blog, … Continue reading