Darn It! Pi Day Redux

So I’ve been planning Pi day ’15 for awhile – then forget. And it was going to be so good, too – the 15 would make it work out really well: Mar 14/15 -> 03 14 15 9 26 53 589 -> 03.14.15 9:26:53.589 (AM) Oh well, missed that. Anyhoo, here’s about 1,000 digits or so – I was going to include a picture, but it turns out a picture is worth a thousand words,it’s more like thirty thousands: THREE … Continue reading

Brooklyn 99 And The 12 Men On An Island Puzzle

I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the ‘Captain Peralta’ episode when they posed this problem: Twelve men are on a desert island, all with identical weights except for one of them, who is slightly lighter or heavier than the others. The only other thing on the island is a seesaw. There are no scales or means to measure weight otherwise. Can you determine which man has the different weight? You only get to use the seesaw three times. This is … Continue reading

Thunderbird And The Error “The messages could not be filtered to folder ‘Junk’ because another operation is in progress.”

For the past couple of months I’ve been using Thunderbird for my email, finally replacing Eudora. All in all, well worth the transition, especially with the way it handles spam (and in particular, the RegEx plugin FiltaQuilla). But lately, one message has been bugging me: The messages could not be filtered to folder ‘Trash’ because another operation is in progress. Needless to say, since my emails weren’t filtered, I had to do the work manually – very annoying. A bit … Continue reading

Too Much Puzzle For One Man (Or Woman)?

Just an extra puzzle piece, or some greater meaning? You decide… Continue reading

WordPress and XML-RPC With Visual BASIC .NET

My wife’s website is filled with photos she’s taken locally, and making sure they get up there handily is my job. Previously, she used a VB program I cobbled together to move photos from her various cameras onto the computer, then upload them to the site (lightbox style display on the Windows computer, FTP to upload the pics, etc). Unfortunately the final step, embedding the images in a post, was a quick hack (copy a link to the clipboard and … Continue reading