Haiku Friday (Or – Oops, Found Myself At The End Of July Without Posting)

Ponderous July / Demands a newsworthy post / Perhaps – a Kitty? Continue reading

Hear Those Ohms: An Audible Multimeter for the Blind

A friend recently had a speaking multimeter fail on him, a relic from the olden days when Radio Shack (remember them?) sold neat stuff. Being blind, it was not just a curiosity, but a vital tool for taking electrical measurements. Fortunately, he had heard about some work using Arduinos to read display data from specific multimeters, as discussed here. In that project, they grabbed the RS232 data output from the meter and converted it into audio. So I built one, … Continue reading

Using Nuget Without Nuget?

For a project I’m using VS2010 express, and needed the Google drive apis, which are available on Nuget. Except that Nuget (despite their claims) does not install on 2010 express. Solution? Two actually, depending on how complicated the transfer is: Solution #1: For small files, no nasty dependencies. Quick and simple. Sign up and log into Nuget. Find the package manually (ie, “search”) Along the left, the “How to Download” link has become “Download” Download the files (blahblahblah.nupkg) Unzip it … Continue reading

Got A Maker Business? Want A Better One?

Interesting article on business – Ten Rules For Maker Businesses by the author of “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” and now running a hobbist company 3D Robotics. Pithy tips, targeted at similar businesses (online sales, and as he says, Maker businesses). Worth a peruse if you’re entrepreneurially inclined. .

Darn It! Pi Day Redux

So I’ve been planning Pi day ’15 for awhile – then forget. And it was going to be so good, too – the 15 would make it work out really well: Mar 14/15 -> 03 14 15 9 26 53 589 -> 03.14.15 9:26:53.589 (AM) Oh well, missed that. Anyhoo, here’s about 1,000 digits or so – I was going to include a picture, but it turns out a picture is worth a thousand words,it’s more like thirty thousand: THREE … Continue reading