‘Think Python’ Excercise 12-6 – Optimized Solution?

I’m busy working my way through Think Python and doing the excercises when I found an especially interesting one: Exercise 12-6: Another ‘Car Talk Puzzler': What is the longest English word, that remains a valid English word, as you remove its letters one at a time? Now, letters can be removed from either end, or the middle, but you can’t rearrange any of the letters. Every time you drop a letter, you wind up with another English word. If you … Continue reading

A Word That Has Been ‘Literally’ Meaningless Since 1769

I like words – precisely placed, carefully sounded words than mean what they should, no more and no less. Obviously then the current fascination with the misuse of ‘literally’ is something I am very much aware of. Yes, I’m one of those folk – the kind that grit their teeth when ‘who’ and ‘whom’ are used interchangeably, get irritated when “it’s” is used as a possessive instead of a contraction, and remember that ‘like’ is a word meaning similar, or … Continue reading

Easy Schedule For Your Bible Reading (Or Part of It)

As I plan the new year’s activities, one I wanted to focus on was my Bible reading; in particular reading the whole New World Translation in a year. There are many Bible reading schedulers out there, but I decided to write yet another one for several reasons: To allow partial reading (say, just the Christian Greek Scriptures in a month), flexible start date and end (for example, starting on Dec 4 for 28 days), and accurate – since my version … Continue reading

Book: Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Just finished it – thought provoking, but a strong dose of capitalism. For example, he feels monopolies are great – which is true, if you are the monopoly – but he also feels they are good for mankind, which is a bit tougher to handle. In line with that, businesses should avoid competition, which saps energy. The goal is to get a ’10X’ product or service that is so game-changing that it lets you start a monopoly, focusing all your … Continue reading

Ode To Booties: A Haiku For Winter

A Haiku in anticipation of Winter… Continue reading