About Me And ‘Utopia Mechanicus’

I write about tech, and ‘Utopia Mechanicus’ is a site for those writings. As for any other details:

  • The Domain Name. While watching Star Trek with their Utopia Planitia Shipyards I found the Latin words to be quite pleasant, and when I decided on a blog for tech ‘mechanicus’ was a straightforward adjustment.
  • The Meaning. ‘Utopia’ literally means ‘no place’, and was invented by Thomas More in his 1516 book Utopia. So Utopia Mechanicus could more accurately mean no place for technology, what is (I hope) an interesting take for a technology blog, and in the flavor of More’s Utopia.
  • The Tagline. “Better Living Through Technology” is a reminder of those great 50s magazines that promised flying cars and hotels on the moon – someday.

At this point, you’ve probably guessed it’s all somewhat ironic: Technology is good, but it’s by no means the whole solution.

But it IS fun to write about tech – so enjoy…