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No project exists in a vacuum – and as I’ve gotten to know (and be known) by others, I’ve been hearing of other Braille projects I missed in my initial research. I thank Paul Kronenberg of Braille Without Borders for putting me in touch with these others:

  • N.Krishnaswamy of Vidya Vrikshah. produces a Braille kit for Blind children to learn. He also is the designer of a wheeled Braille display, called the Natesan. The Natesan in turn has spawned a prototype, possibly out this year, called the ‘The Quixote’, by Bristol Braille Technology.
  • Bristol Braille Technology is the manufacturer of The Quixote, which will be offered Open Source as well, once ready.
  • The Multi-Line Braille Display by Paul D’Souza goes one better than the Audrey display (or 25 better!) with multiple lines, giving a whole page of text displayed at a time.

If you’re interested in the forefront of Braille display , I recommend you visit these links – looking them over, I find myself quite positive that 2012 WILL be a significant year for the Blind!

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