Meetup – A Great Place For Victorians

I admit I don’t get out as much as I should (note I didn’t say “like to” – I get out more than enough to make me happy, thank you very much, even if it’s rarely) – but Tuesday night was a chance to meet fellow programmers for a “meetup” for iOS programmers based in Victoria.

The high point: Meeting up with people who are looking at the same coding issues I’m hitting (although they are all farther down the learning curve than I am). In just a few minutes I was learning about iOS and Android benefits/liabilities, frameworks for cross platform (and the pros and cons), and much more. Plus, I got to know local people “just like me” in the industry – proof of that, not a single person in the group of 9 or so knew about a hockey game on the same night in the pub we met in! I consider it a badge of honor that not one of us pays attention to sports – a Sign of the True Geek…

But seriously, it was a lot of fun until my voice went hoarse, and I’m looking forward to the next Meetup. All of which highlights something that has grown significant in the last few years: The rise of social management software and sites like Sign up for free, cast a net around for local events (or widen the net and get events in Vancouver, or Seattle, or farther), and join each. Some are popular, some not so much, but each gives you a chance to meet like minded people.

And of course, you can give input into a meetup in case it doesn’t quite fit your needs, or form a new one. For instance, one Vancouver event that’s extremely popular is the “Mastermind” – style group “Internet Masterminds” (for those not familiar, a Mastermind group, as explained in the book “Think and Grow Rich“, involves a small core of people getting together to analyze and encourage each other as they tackle their business problems, allowing all to gain). I think a Victoria-based one would be worthwhile for those not interested in weekly travel. If I want to, it’s a quick signup away to get it started (maybe someday…)

All in all, is a great way to get with a group – so check it out – perhaps you’ll find a group that shares a common interest you’ll want to get more involved in…

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