Olio Cooperative and the Under $20 Craft Fair

This Saturday was a chance to take my prototype out on the town – the Victoria Olio Cooperative had an under $20 crafts fair. I helped man the Makerspace booth (read: banquet table), and found it a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of Makerspace, and also discuss my first Makerspace project, the Open Source Braille Display. In fact, I even joined the Olio group, since they had a special rate (regularly $30/year, it was $20, as befits the event’s name). They fulfill a lot of artistic needs, such as high quality printing, button making, and t-shirt silk screening, to name just a few. So, I’m ready for my T-Shirt Design…

A view of the Olio room, with the tables around the outside (our table is ‘behind’ the camera in the picture).

A shot of the table set up with the Laser cutter (the Braille display is front and to the right in the picture). All pics were with my little Nokia phone, so that should explain the graininess…

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