Ready For A Second Heaping Helping Of “The Plant Lady” In Action?

For you Plant Lady Mystery fans, the suspense is over – Gwen has finished her second novel, “The Plant Lady Cracks A Nut!”

To quote the book blurb:

Local mall “Plant Lady” Eden Tywyn is desperate to escape her past. But her past keeps showing up and threatening to destroy her future. Strange accidents, odd behavior from people she thought she knew, and the feeling of being watched make her think that her time in the quaint town of Packard Falls may soon be over. But until then, something strange is definitely going on, something that threatens her friends and the future peace of Packard Falls. Is it enemies from her life before, or something even more sinister? Eden must find out the truth – but will she find it in time?

You can get in paperback or immediately on Kindle via the links below – get it now, devour it in an afternoon, and then leave a stellar review so others can enjoy the series!

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