Easy Schedule For Your Bible Reading (Or Part of It)

As I plan the new year’s activities, one I wanted to focus on was my Bible reading; in particular reading the whole New World Translation in a year. There are many Bible reading schedulers out there, but I decided to write yet another one for several reasons: To allow partial reading (say, just the Christian Greek Scriptures in a month), flexible start date and end (for example, starting on Dec 4 for 28 days), and accurate – since my version uses the word counts of each chapter, and maintains an error tally, the resulting schedule keeps the word count per day very even (as even as chapters allow!) Of course, the scheduler doesn’t just work with the NWT, since the word counts of the chapters in most Bibles are about the same (just over 875k total words for the NWT, by the way). Note there is no need to worry about years, as it understands that if the end date is earlier than the start date, you mean to go into the next year. Also note that Feb 29 on leap years is skipped.

Here it is – feel free to use it to set up your schedule of Bible reading:

Start Month/Day Start Book End Month/Day End Book

Schedule Displayed Here…

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